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     Donald Burks began his career as a teenager, taking on a summer job in the concrete business. As a native Texan, competitiveness was developed at an early age, growing up playing sports with a father who was high school athletics coach. In these early years, Donald grew to understand that to stand out you had to develop the skills necessary to perform better than your competition. It all starts with being a good listener. You have to be a good listener in order to understand what the objective is and what is expected from you. Then you must stay focused on doing what it takes to meet those expectations. That means taking time to know every detail of what is needed to meet your objective. Be reliable, show up early and stay late. Deliver what you say. Over time you will develop a consistency people can depend on.  Care about the people you work with and the ones you are working for. If a problem comes up, become a problem solver. Donald believes that when you follow this code of ethics; not only will you achieve personal success, but everybody involved is a winner.

     Donald’s desire is to give his customers a product that is superior. Whether you are in the city or in the county your project will be built to code. He has lived in his community 41 years and takes great pride in knowing the concrete he pours will endure. He has been committed to excellence in his business practices by maintaining the highest level of honesty and integrity, communicating the details of what work will be done on a job and standing behind his word all the way to maintain an outstanding working relationship with suppliers in the community. We care about our customers, suppliers, and our reputation. With twenty years of experience as a small business owner, Burks Cement Contracting is the business to trust for all your concrete needs.